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a fish named…

When Tiberius and I were in Disneyland Paris,  we chuckled at the cute way in which the French women would say the name ‘Nemo’. Here in America, we pronounce it like you are saying the word for “knee” & the name “Moe”.  They pronounced it “Nem” as in “Nemesis” & the name “Moe”. Slight and subtle distinction, but highly noticeable… and oddly adorable.

Here in Disneyland Japan… they say the same.


“Although… I have no idea what she is saying!”  said Tiberius jokingly… 😉


We needed a smile today.

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

handsome little monkey | episode 01

The World On a String


“That is one handsome little monkey…” I hear from a shy admirer in the distance, telling this or that friend the nature of the little devil I have strapped to the front of me. So much attention does this little monkey receive, so out of the ordinary he usually is.


After a few minutes on the plane ride from Beijing to Tokyo, the woman next to me on the flight asked if I talked to him like he was a person all the time.

Blank stares ensued.


How dare she!,” rants Tiberius.

“I know, Buddy. I know.”

Conveniently, her headphones were already in… but don’t tell Tiberius that.

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Tokyo Disney Sea | part 2


Part 2 of 2

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

Snaps @ Disney | part I

oh that Tiberius Augustus, he just never knows when to quit.

here he is on Space Mountain…



and here is his video…

Space Mountain Tiberius Tokyo YouTube Video

Space Mountain Tutorial (in Japanese)


and here he is on Tower of Terror. (over there on the right… his arms are up too!)


Third Tower of Terror, now ridden on three continents. (California and Florida, Paris, Tokyo)

Don’t even get me started about the people in the rest of the picture 🙂

and here is his video…

Tiberius of Terror YouTube Video

and here is our view from Thunder Mountain…


and here is everyone else view… (hehe)

Tiberius Thunder Mountain YouTube Video

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Disney Tokyo Sea



part 1 of 2