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Kisses of Kyoto | part II

quick note: Kisses of Kyoto will be a many part series... there is just too much good stuff. In the upcoming week I will be posting about: Arashiyama, Many Temples and Shines, The Philosophers Path, and more...


Arashiyama is the most magical of places…


It is hard not to feel a spirit so much greater than yourself… while nestled among the bamboo trees… feeling the weight of their presence stretching below you, next to you, above you… breathing in, symbiotically in tuned to the others purpose; silence.

It reminds me of a Buddhist parable I kept closely in my mind as I wandered Japan (paraphrased):

If you sit next to a tree

there is no stopping

your silence

and the trees silence

from becoming the same silence.


Inspirational to find such awe in the world around me.

I am a blessed man, and Tiberius, one blessed monkey.



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Kisses of Kyoto | part I


A week out of Japan and I return to the world of ‘the normal’. it is strange how quickly one can get used to the feeling of being part of something so much bigger than  yourself… and how quickly the death of routine can seep back into your soul.


Equilibrium | complacency | the good enough | the easy | the usual…. all names of the same, a certain sort of ‘giving-up’, a certain amount of surrender, and not the good kind…



And so I sit here and think back to my time in Kyoto… oh the Beautiful is on display in this timeless slice of heaven. Never have I before felt so close to the Earth, so part of this living being I exist upon, living symbiotically… heartbeat for heartbeat.


But more about that later… let’s first start with pictures.


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Can we be friends?

Tiberius has been one busy monkey, when he is not getting me in trouble that is. He has been concentrating on making new friends along our travels. Some were happy to make his acquaintance…. Others…. Not so much. Here is a little sample of his endeavors….

Kitty want to be my friend?

How about you, do you want to be my friend?

Well the more the merrier they say…

Fishys…. do you want to be my friend?

What about you grasshopper-san?

Psssst…. Sexy white rabbit lady, can I sit on your lap?

Never mind… I found my pumpkin!

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Hiroshima Castle

Today my buddy and I visited the Hiroshima Castle. It was completely destroyed in the bombing, and the scars of the original complexes foundation still remain it beautiful little grassy groves. I have yet to upload those shoots from the big camera (will edit this post and add later).

It was an amazing experience walking through the Torii Gate here, a crossing from the secular world to something more rooted in belief. I bowed, and purified my soul so I could worship. (It was a beautiful ritual that I was so happy to witness, be instructed in, and participate. Another humbling experience. I was cleansed, like everyone there. English was not required.)

This is the rebuilt castle, complete with a 5 story museum. They replicated the exterior, but made the interior modern and a very function and beautiful space to educate. (minus AC, it was hot in there….. or maybe that was just the company)

Oh no… my train is arriving…. more later.

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only after…

It is only as Tiberius and I sit on the train from Hiroshima to Himeji Castle that I can process the emotional impact Hiroshima has had on me. In the days, weeks, months to come I will still be trying to reconcile this feeling I have. It is almost as if, possibly in a past life I was Japanese, if one believes in that sort of thing. 
It is… an intangile feeling. I don’t know how better to say it. Hopefully the words will come eventually.
But for now, here are some more pictures raw, unfortunately all my editing and color processing will be back in the states. 

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Changes… part duex

As Tiberius and I sit here this quiet evening in the Memorial Peace park, I am moved to the point of tears. To say Hiroshima is powerful would be an understatement, the pain is so scared upon the earth you are left with the feeling of it upon your skin. Standing here so close to this history, in this sacred place, the ghost are closer to the surface and the feeling of loss still hangs heavy in the air. I feel like an intruder, I feel a sense of shame, and of a loss so great I was left speechless for hours.

And so I change my plans again, this time to stay in Hiroshma one more day and night. I could never have imagined this place to be so humbling. To walk a street that mere 70 years ago was laid to waste, and see a city brand new and alive and humming with modern excitement. It is surreal, maybe because I an American, but I think it is merely a human response as I couldn’t imagine anyone not being moved.

Tiberius and I set out to explore more… There is a castle and an art museum in our near future.