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It Has Been a While.

It has been a while since I have thought about my time in Japan… both of my past and my future.

Since I have returned, life has seemingly moved forward quicker than my consciousness can render. It is as if the multiple timelines of my Universe, the vast array of choice within the very essence of creation itself, has started to blur and transpose, causing me to feel spread across my reality and question the very distinction of that which has happened… and that which has yet to.


There has been so much confusion of late, so much raw emotion and unsuspected ‘new beginnings’ I wonder as to the man I am becoming. There seems to be a subjugation of my mind, a balancing act part of me is losing, a memory that seems to be fading from the perfect tangibility it once prominently held.

The daemon desire has again crept into my life, tempting me with fertile earth for which to inspire my devotion.


Hello kitty… oh how did I forget.

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

Fuji from 15,000


Mt Fuji, from 15,000 feet. |  Artist rendering.

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

In the Heart of the City


in the very heart of the city




Japan Trip my Tao Tiberius Travel

little ones…

Would you care to wager?

No, I would not. It would have been a wager I lost.

I have made many wagers in my life… but honestly, as an adult, I tend to no longer ‘take bets’. For me, even 1% is just too much probability. I have been so viciously and ruthlessly reminded that life can pull off the unimaginable that it is no longer shocking. Murphy’s Law… Occam’s razor… call it what you may, there was a time when I knew… knew …without any doubt in my mind, that I would never want a child again.


“Would you wager now…. that you would like another little boy or girl?” Tiberius needles at me as I am writing this blog.

“What’s the over under?” I respond mockingly.

I calculate that I have 2 roads ahead of me; [with many many offshoots, and many more…] but two major roads in front of me as I start 2017: the one that I am planning for, & the one that the Universe may give me regardless of all of my focus and effort in the planned future.

“I want a Japanese baby!”

“Where did that comes from Tiberius?” I state shockingly.

There was a long pause.

“I miss my Buddy…” he says as his buttons start to gather condensation, “…and a cute little Japanese baby would go a long way in making me happy.”

“Oh I don’t make you happy, Tiberius?” I frame pseudo-shockingly.

“No!” he tantrums.

“Hahahaha. I love you too Buddy!”

But I know what he means. If you could have walked with us through Japan, had seen the little ones trotting around to school, to church, to temple or just downtown, it is soooo hard not to want a little more kawaii in your life.


SO cute!



There are no lines to read between, oh Beautiful. You know my stated intentions. I know what I want, which is to say I know I do not get to chose what I want, I do not get the agency for understanding the journey I am on, just like the rest of us. That is why this is so funny, to be blogging about a time when I thought I could actually fix my future, to the time now where everyone who has ever told me “never say never!” rings in my ears as I smile knowing that something inside of me has always been that transparent.

“I am ready now. I see you wandering beside me, ready to knock me off my stated goals. So I challenge you, dear lover, find me a different today… I dare you.” – Tiberius challenges to the world.

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a fish named…

When Tiberius and I were in Disneyland Paris,  we chuckled at the cute way in which the French women would say the name ‘Nemo’. Here in America, we pronounce it like you are saying the word for “knee” & the name “Moe”.  They pronounced it “Nem” as in “Nemesis” & the name “Moe”. Slight and subtle distinction, but highly noticeable… and oddly adorable.

Here in Disneyland Japan… they say the same.


“Although… I have no idea what she is saying!”  said Tiberius jokingly… 😉


We needed a smile today.

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

handsome little monkey | episode 01

The World On a String


“That is one handsome little monkey…” I hear from a shy admirer in the distance, telling this or that friend the nature of the little devil I have strapped to the front of me. So much attention does this little monkey receive, so out of the ordinary he usually is.


After a few minutes on the plane ride from Beijing to Tokyo, the woman next to me on the flight asked if I talked to him like he was a person all the time.

Blank stares ensued.


How dare she!,” rants Tiberius.

“I know, Buddy. I know.”

Conveniently, her headphones were already in… but don’t tell Tiberius that.

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

time passes…


Dear Japan,

I miss you.

So I am left to ask… what do I do, now?

“…what we all do, each moment. decide. ” – Mayakovsky

I decided; and now all I have is the illusion of time… and memories as unreal as the other worlds I have lived in… I am trying to hold on.

Soon can not be soon enough.

When will then, be now?


“Tiberius… I could not agree more.” – my meat bag of a companion states.

We agree, you should know the answer.




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Warning: You Must Obey All Mogwai Rules!

So there we were, Tiberius my old droog and I, wandering the streets of the Akihabara District in Tokyo… when from the corner of my eye I spot ears like those only found on….

“Mogwai!!!” I squeal as Tiberius jumps in panic, thinking something was wrong. Across the street I push and into the store I go with single-minded focus.

What ensued was a fast paced, mostly unintelligible conversation of my super fast speech and the shop owners inability to speak English. Comical, endearing, exciting, fascinating, kid-like wonder and splendor as I jumped around the store and caused a jolly old scene.

But it didn’t matter… I had found a Mogwai. I was literally in tears.

You are home now little buddy, home with your new family.


“Mogwai can be translated from Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese as monster or demon.”


Poster credit | Jorsh Pena


Poster credit | Galeria Plakatu

Japan Trip Travel


Tiberius and I have started to realize that the ‘outside’ world is profoundly that… outside; and if one wants to engage in its majesty and beauty one has to be committed to being completely fearless, willing to be extremely uncomfortable, and strive to be in situations that force one against their own personal boundaries, especially by the throat if necessary! There can be no 50%, no ‘sort of’, no partial way, no dipping your toes in the water…  no, none of that! 

It must be grasped with all your might, wrestled mercifully from the Goddess like a Spanish bull fighter in the ring… we must be the Matadors of our futures, the forceful takers of our lives, the aggressors in our battle to find the companion to our souls. 

It is nights like this when I can hear her whisper, when I can peek glimpses of her presence at the fringes of my perspective…

We both seek… ‘her’ and I….  we both feel the pull from the other, tangible and strong and undeniable. There is no question, here in Kyoto, her footprints still linger on the manicured sands

Remembering in Raw | YouTube Video

Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

the Monkey in the Tree


Tiberius in the Skytree | YouTube Video



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