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It Has Been a While.

It has been a while since I have thought about my time in Japan… both of my past and my future.

Since I have returned, life has seemingly moved forward quicker than my consciousness can render. It is as if the multiple timelines of my Universe, the vast array of choice within the very essence of creation itself, has started to blur and transpose, causing me to feel spread across my reality and question the very distinction of that which has happened… and that which has yet to.


There has been so much confusion of late, so much raw emotion and unsuspected ‘new beginnings’ I wonder as to the man I am becoming. There seems to be a subjugation of my mind, a balancing act part of me is losing, a memory that seems to be fading from the perfect tangibility it once prominently held.

The daemon desire has again crept into my life, tempting me with fertile earth for which to inspire my devotion.


Hello kitty… oh how did I forget.