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Warning: You Must Obey All Mogwai Rules!

So there we were, Tiberius my old droog and I, wandering the streets of the Akihabara District in Tokyo… when from the corner of my eye I spot ears like those only found on….

“Mogwai!!!” I squeal as Tiberius jumps in panic, thinking something was wrong. Across the street I push and into the store I go with single-minded focus.

What ensued was a fast paced, mostly unintelligible conversation of my super fast speech and the shop owners inability to speak English. Comical, endearing, exciting, fascinating, kid-like wonder and splendor as I jumped around the store and caused a jolly old scene.

But it didn’t matter… I had found a Mogwai. I was literally in tears.

You are home now little buddy, home with your new family.


“Mogwai can be translated from Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese as monster or demon.”


Poster credit | Jorsh Pena


Poster credit | Galeria Plakatu

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