Tiberius Travel


Tiberius, a unicorn, and I went to San Francisco to attend two artist lectures and a docent lead tour of the Frank Stella retrospective at the De Young Museum.

But before this lovely Sunday, we spent some time in Union Square in downtown San Francisco.

What was one of the most amazing and beautiful of weekends, unexpectedly slipped into a visual reminder of the current journey Tiberius and I face together.

It is time to say goodbye to the Bay Area, and to California … the only home I have ever known.

Dare I say, ever loved.

For with Universal intervention, today we stood face to face with 2 paintings we thought to never see again. It was our hope to never see them again, even though in truth we had never seen them in real life before. Yet there they were, unexpectedly looming before us in a darkened corner of the gallery we were meandering through. Out of nowhere my heart was in my throat and my breath taken away, as was Tiberius’s… shocked and spell-bound we stood there as the weight of the pain came crashing down upon us once more.

Tiberius wouldn’t let me take a picture of them. Our day of art was over.

“Fu@k you and the dog, Samuel Miller.” – Tiberius says as my mouth falls open.

Bad monkey. But I understand.


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