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Tiberius and I have started to realize that the ‘outside’ world is profoundly that… outside; and if one wants to engage in its majesty and beauty one has to be committed to being completely fearless, willing to be extremely uncomfortable, and strive to be in situations that force one against their own personal boundaries, especially by the throat if necessary! There can be no 50%, no ‘sort of’, no partial way, no dipping your toes in the water…  no, none of that! 

It must be grasped with all your might, wrestled mercifully from the Goddess like a Spanish bull fighter in the ring… we must be the Matadors of our futures, the forceful takers of our lives, the aggressors in our battle to find the companion to our souls. 

It is nights like this when I can hear her whisper, when I can peek glimpses of her presence at the fringes of my perspective…

We both seek… ‘her’ and I….  we both feel the pull from the other, tangible and strong and undeniable. There is no question, here in Kyoto, her footprints still linger on the manicured sands

Remembering in Raw | YouTube Video

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