Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

Making Friends… Again

Have you heard the one about the fish and the monkey?


“So there we were, Tiberius and I, my loyal old and tattered droog, along the waterside of Himeji Castle, waiting for the otterknocks and the feizlesnaps,  oh my brothers, down the street from the Korova milkbar.”


“Picture taking were we two, full of loveths and newbies wilt, for watch the other with eye open on we.”


“When thost a creature made know its presence and henceforth rubled the antiseen for Tiberius.”


“what is that in the distance….?”


“A nozh scrap anytime you say” … hahaha… okay I am done writing in A Clockwork Orange style.

Short story long… Tiberius and I made a new cute little friend.

Well… we made a lot of 可愛い (kawaii) little friends, didn’t we buddy 😉







What just another amazing day on our travels!



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