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The Summer Child | part II

For those of you who know me best… (mind you I don’t actually believe anyone is reading this) …know that returning to the SF Bay for me has not been met with a single smile. And this is two-fold; no smiles in, and definitely no smiles out. It comes from the realization that California is no longer my home, no longer a place I long to be, no longer a place I have any path I could call a future. I say this without a note of sadness, but more with a sense of purpose for what is to come… my future now is set before me, the path has been laid out and the winds have changed to push upon my back.

But I am here to talk about the smile from today… for that is what has prompted me to write this spur of the moment blog.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” – Thich Nhat Hahn

For the first time since I landed back in the States, I was greeted with a smile like no other. A smile I had forgotten, to be honest, a smile I have enjoyed too often without the realization of my taking it for granted, for I have definitely taken it for granted.

But today… again I melted. Today… again I remembered. Today… again she made me realize there will be some things I will miss about this place I once planned on being my home.

You deserved the rose today, oh beautiful smile… you made my day, again.

“If the moon smiled, she would resemble you. You leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating.” -Sylvia Plath


A smile like that could kill a man such as me. I am helpless from that twinkle in your eye…


I will always believe. Love from California. Always.


Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

Tiberius @ the MoMAT

The Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

It is so very strange to be surrounded by ‘Modern Art’… especially with calling myself a pretty seasoned artist, having gone to school for the Arts, and as a long standing member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA)… and not recognizing but 3 names on the walls; actually sad would be the correct word to use. I should know better, I should have realized that outside of the academic world such an obvious truth could be easily overlooked. I was astounded to have to come to the realization, again, that my art preferences and biases are born of the society, or even the pedigree of society, that I have been raised in all this time. There are many instances on this trip where I have felt such awe… have been so reminded of my own personal view of the world, and how inclusive it has been… but this perspective was surprising, as I would never have thought I was so blind to my ignorance.

(yet another reason why everyone should travel!)

In this Museum, Tiberius and I were memorized at times, emotional at times… moved beyond words or expression at times.



Our favorite piece… hands down. It encapsulates so much of the ‘modern’ Japanese experience. The display room was magnificent, the thought behind the floor placement was enlightening, and the overall work beautiful and moving.

And that goes for saying about the entire gallery. The colors of the walls, the colors of the floors, the lighting, the placement…. everything that could have been a choice was made as intently, but with a different outcome. The Modern Art Museums in the States all look the same in this regard; lit the same, hung the same, collections of the same artists… all displayed using the same methodologies us Westerners find aesthetically pleasing.

The Japanese have a different aesthetic… and it is obvious in the work displayed, and in the space they choose to display it.

(and side note: not even 1 Warhol….? not one minimalist either….? I know I am biased… but that seems like it should be standard. I mean, they had a Calder, but not a Warhol?!)


Tiberius has always been fascinated by Picasso and his work. (see, they had a Picasso) That a man, classically trained and markedly a genius with skill, choose to paint the world in such a way as Tiberius can feel connected… well as a monkey, he just doesn’t understand. He loves the work, just finds it funny the way humans are painted “all funny” he says.

“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? ” -Pablo Picasso

Maybe that says something about my little travel buddy, or maybe it says something about the company I choose to keep… along with the type of the intellectual stimulation I crave.

Even if it is only a travel monkey to debate with.

Sophistry at its finest.


Tiberius was a Samurai in his previous life. Of this there is no doubt.



You needed 3-d glasses for this piece… but it was so awesome. We sat here for quite a while.



For those of you who do not know, Tiberius is hyper-sensitive for any war imagery. There were a few pieces in the collection he had an emotional response to. This above piece was one of them, very moving for him.


The below piece Tiberius didn’t even want to look at. We were both very sad. It effected us in a way we could not have imagined, remembering that day. Were I was, my need to protect my daughter and the Merma kicking into high gear.

Lost moments, and silver linings.

Yet another reason to be thankful. No man or woman from that day will be forgotten.





If you cant see it, she (in the picture) is riding a rubber duckie. Reminds me of a night long ago, out on the Playa during the Burning )'( Man festival… now that was one amazing night! Tiberius and I are very glad pictures and video do not exist from that trip. Much like the playa dust… those memories are better left to the winds  🙂


oh Tiberius, of course I would find you here…