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Kisses of Kyoto | part II

quick note: Kisses of Kyoto will be a many part series... there is just too much good stuff. In the upcoming week I will be posting about: Arashiyama, Many Temples and Shines, The Philosophers Path, and more...


Arashiyama is the most magical of places…


It is hard not to feel a spirit so much greater than yourself… while nestled among the bamboo trees… feeling the weight of their presence stretching below you, next to you, above you… breathing in, symbiotically in tuned to the others purpose; silence.

It reminds me of a Buddhist parable I kept closely in my mind as I wandered Japan (paraphrased):

If you sit next to a tree

there is no stopping

your silence

and the trees silence

from becoming the same silence.


Inspirational to find such awe in the world around me.

I am a blessed man, and Tiberius, one blessed monkey.



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