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Hiroshima Castle

Today my buddy and I visited the Hiroshima Castle. It was completely destroyed in the bombing, and the scars of the original complexes foundation still remain it beautiful little grassy groves. I have yet to upload those shoots from the big camera (will edit this post and add later).

It was an amazing experience walking through the Torii Gate here, a crossing from the secular world to something more rooted in belief. I bowed, and purified my soul so I could worship. (It was a beautiful ritual that I was so happy to witness, be instructed in, and participate. Another humbling experience. I was cleansed, like everyone there. English was not required.)

This is the rebuilt castle, complete with a 5 story museum. They replicated the exterior, but made the interior modern and a very function and beautiful space to educate. (minus AC, it was hot in there….. or maybe that was just the company)

Oh no… my train is arriving…. more later.

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