Japan Trip Tiberius Travel

Changes… part duex

As Tiberius and I sit here this quiet evening in the Memorial Peace park, I am moved to the point of tears. To say Hiroshima is powerful would be an understatement, the pain is so scared upon the earth you are left with the feeling of it upon your skin. Standing here so close to this history, in this sacred place, the ghost are closer to the surface and the feeling of loss still hangs heavy in the air. I feel like an intruder, I feel a sense of shame, and of a loss so great I was left speechless for hours.

And so I change my plans again, this time to stay in Hiroshma one more day and night. I could never have imagined this place to be so humbling. To walk a street that mere 70 years ago was laid to waste, and see a city brand new and alive and humming with modern excitement. It is surreal, maybe because I an American, but I think it is merely a human response as I couldn’t imagine anyone not being moved.

Tiberius and I set out to explore more… There is a castle and an art museum in our near future.

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