Japan Trip my Tao Tiberius Travel

clouds across Tokyo

as I sit here, 451.2m above Tokyo, I am amazed at how small and insignificant the world down there appears to be. Numbers of people scurrying to and fro, loving and laughing and completely oblivious to the individual that sit here thinking of their nameless obscurity.
Much like when I perch myself on the Rock at Las Trampas, 2000+ feet above the San Francisco Bay, only then too do I get this feeling. It is like leaving the world of everyday, and entering the heavens. How can one be sad with such a perspective? How can one feel disconnected when the whole of the earth stretches out far down below you.

I had no idea I had such a need for this perspective, but now as I sit here I am realizing I have been in need of this my whole life. Like the clouds below me, I seek to wander the earth free…. as that is the only state a cloud knows. Untitled it eventually dies by giving life to all things on Earth.

Now that is connection.

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