the Wordless Questions

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“Often as I walked out under the stars, looking up into those silent depths with unspeakable longing for some answer to the wordless questions within me” – C.M.C.

This quote has been a staple of mine for years now. Always thrown out at a time in my life when I have been truly lost, or deep in discontentment;  my re-acknowledgement of the pure reality that is living, the understanding we only have that which is the ‘I‘ inside our each of our own heads. Yes… I am talking to you, ME. But I digress – tangent. Back to the quote.

I have always seen this quote in two parts;

  • often as I walked out under those stars, looking up into those silent depths
  • unspeakable longing for some answer to the wordless questions within me

The first part… given. I am a man who has spent the night alone on a trail through the ‘most wilderness’ of places that are here within 50 miles of the Bay many, many…. surprisingly many a time in his life, and that all being until only recently. There is nothing like that feel of the great expanse of the darkness outdoors; that feeling and depth of the ‘space’ around you, the feeling of your astronomical irrelevancy in the greater Cosmos.This is the part of the quote I loved so much, for I believed that the feeling I am describing comes from the expanse itself. That is why I have always used this quote, to show how the Cosmos itself can touch you, can make you have this feeling inside you… and that…. that my friends will lead you to the answers for those wordless questions within yourself.

But I think I have been…. wrong.

And for those of you who know me, I do not say that… lightly.

It was not the silent depths of the Universe that has the answers to the questions I find deep within myself. Now I want to focus on the second half, for that is truly were I am currently at. At the ledge of the Abyss, the precipice of the self, the averted of thine eyes…

From the Abyss… to within the Self.

(part 1 of 2)



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